Friday, February 15, 2019

Life changes and grows. Some things get bigger and better, some die off to be replaced by new things.

I am a Stylist with Lilla Rose hair accessories. Have been since 2014. They are a quickly growing company and I am in the biggest branch in the company. My uplones have really invested in teaching their people, not just hair stuff, but making your own brand, your own "thing."

Now much of what they have been teaching I have heard from other sources over the last decade, but this time around I am getting the answers for what direction I need to take.

All that to say, I have started a new blog. My heart has always been towards teaching young mothers, so this is the direction I am going with this new blog. It will take a while to really get my feet under me, but it will be worth it.

So, I now proudly introduce:

Making Home with Mrs Betty Tracy

Friday, January 18, 2019


New Cathy Duffy

One of my first "go to's" when looking for school resources is Cathy Duffy's review site. She have been reviewing homeschool curriculum for years (as in, I used her first book to decide what to do with my oldest for first grade!) Her site has just been a fantastic help for a long time.

And this morning they announced a major update! You can now set up an account and save resources you are considering, by child if you want! Add to that a superior search engine (you can now search by homeschool style and your religious views) and I know I will be spending even more time over there reading!

So hop on over and check it out :-)

(I am not receiving any benefit from this post. This is not an affiliate link. I'm just excited about an improved resource :-) )

Thursday, December 27, 2018


Homeschooler have known this for some time. 

I have heard of children who taught themselves to read at 3 or 4, but couldn't really understand addition until 10. I've also heard of kids who could do multiplication of fractions at 5, but couldn't really read until 9 or 10. By the time the child is a teenager, you can't tell which was which. I have one myself who was reading at 4 and another who just didn't "get it" until 9. Today, you can't tell which is which, or even which of my 8 oldest would be in running for either. 

Humans are each a unique creation of the Master Artist. We can't be lumped into one big group.

Of course, our schools were not designed for each child to achieve their best. That has never been the true goal. They were designed to produce an obedient workforce of consumers that can't think well enough to through off the manipulation of the elite. 

But that's not the goal we parent's have for our kids. Nor, honestly, the goal most teachers have for their students. They were lied to in college; told what they were being taught as "the right way" was the best for the kids. It's not. 

The only way we can possibly provide out kids with the best is to give each one a unique course of study designed just for them. 

Only through homeschooling (which includes private tutors, co-op classes, community or college classes, apprenticeships, etc) can we succeed in giving each child what they deserve.  

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Get. Them. Out.


Jesus said there is no such thing as neutrality (Matt 12:30). If we are not with Him we are against Him. Government schools are God-free in their instruction by court order as well as original design, thus not with God, but working against Him. And they are socialist by design. Why are we so surprised we are losing 65-85% of our churched children when we send them to God-free socialist institutions for the bulk of their waking hours? If we "Train up a child" in God-free socialism it is only logical they choose God-free lives of the socialist.

Look, I know not everyone can pull their kids today, but if only half of the Christians in this country bought smaller houses and older cars and used that money to fulfill their God-given command to "...Bring them up in the education and culture of the Lord" (Ephesians 6) our current system would collapse, taxes would have to be lowered, making it more financially able for more parents to provide a God-based, Christ infused education. And I firmly believe the church would (and should now) step in with charity schools (as they did before the government schools were imported here from Germany) thus opening the door for MORE evangelism of the poor children in this nation.

And to the ministry: if you don't start preaching that it is the parent's responsibility to provide their children with a godly education RIGHT NOW the atheistic socialists will win in the courts and have godly education outlawed. What's more, we will simply loose so many children to the world that there won't be an American Christian church anymore by the time of our great-grandkids...or sooner.

Not everyone who comes to God can tithe. Whether it's because of debt or a disagreeing spouse, it's just not always possible. But we must preach tithing anyway because that is what the Bible says.

Not everyone will be able to pull their kids right now, whatever the reason. But we MUST preach it from the pulpit. There are actually more scriptures supporting exclusively Christian education for the followers of God than for tithing.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018


A couple of good articles today for moms.

First, goals for your homeschool for next year. Yes, I aim for these too.
3 Resolutions

What I Wish I Would Have Learned Before I Began Homeschooling – Part Three: Boundaries with Ourselves

The Kingdom of Mom

"When you take the free will out of education,
that turns it into schooling."

-John Taylor Gatto 
Author, The Underground History of American Education
Two-Time State Teacher of the Year
*The World's Most Courageous Teacher*

My goals for the coming year (most I have already started to aim for):

  • Draw something everyday.
  • Play music everyday.
  • Continue simplifying school so we can better focus on the big stuff

If I get that much formed into a habit, I will be doing good. I am looking into picking up a nice drawing journal to carry in my purse to help with the drawing one.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Dream with Me.

To all in ministry of some sort;

I was raised in church, the daughter of our pastor. Taught Sunday School for some 13 years. So I know the excitement that happens when someone begins to come to church regularly and you know you will get to teach their kids every week. Oh the possibilities of teaching them about God and His ways!

And that's just when I know they will be there for one hour a week.

Imagine what we could do if we had the kids for 30 hours every week instead of just 1?

We could teach the Bible cover to cover, in depth!
AND we could teach them how to pray!
AND we could teach the old hymns and their history!
AND we could teach the new worship choruses!
AND we could teach church history!
AND we could teach Greek and Hebrew so our students could read original scripture.

We could teach;

  • World history starting with Genesis 1:1, using the Bible as one of our resources.
  • US history pointing out the spiritual life of the Founding Fathers and how God used them and and worked through them to create this nation.
  • Science beginning with honoring God for His marvelous creation.
  • Literature, art and music appreciation through the perspective of God's ideas and morals.
  • Penmanship by copying scripture.
  • We could use scripture to teach spelling, Grammar, even poetry and composition.
  • We could teach the absolute right and wrongs of math, pointing out that these principles point to God and His moral standard, that the logic behind math is the logic He used to create the universe. 
  • We could actively teach logic (and anyone watching the evening news knows that isn't currently being taught)!
  • We could teach foreign languages, art, music, dance, and composition with the idea of The Great Commission, preparing children to use these areas to spread the Name of Jesus.
Imagine a young adult that has received this kind of education; a "Chuck Norris" of spiritual warriors, right? Imagine the impact of sending such a one out to win the world for Christ!

So much more impact than our current practice of sending little five year olds who haven't even committed their lives to Christ yet to stand in the playground and lisping "Jesus Loves Me," right?

Here's the fact:

Matthew 12:30 "Anyone who isn't with Me opposes Me, and anyone who isn't working with Me is actually working against Me."

Luke 11:23 "Anyone who isn't with Me opposes Me, and anyone who isn't working with Me is actually working against Me." (New Living Translation)
There is no such thing as a "religiously neutral education." Our government schools teach without God, or to put it in Greek, they are "A-Theistic." Atheism is very much a religion, so to teach without God is to teach that there is no God. 

65-85% of children raised in church who attend government school will choose to live a God-free life when they become adults. And why does this surprise anyone? They received a God-free education. 

Luke 6:40 Students are not greater than their teacher. But the student who is fully trained will become like the teacher.

If the teacher, textbooks, peers, and overall authority a child is under for 30 hours each week, for 13 straight years is God-free, why would we expect the child to be any different?

(For comparison, only 15% of children raised in church who are homeschooled walk away from God when they become adults.)

So, dream with me about the possibilities of creating God honoring, Christ infused schools and homeschools throughout the country.

There are already curriculums created so small churches with only a couple of available adults can open private schools (the curriculums do the teaching so the adults are basically just supervisors).

Plus many online schools/curriculums are now available, some free, some not. 

And almost all churches in America today have classrooms sitting empty 6.5 days a week. 

Dream with me the possibilities of taking back education from the atheists in this country.

Dream of a child's learning truly honoring God in every way!

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Words Are Categorical

In my quest to find a more effective way for my kids to learn grammar, I have run across this serious of books. To be honest, I have no idea where the first couple books came from. I guess someone gave them to me at some time. But I have lately been making a point of reading them frequently out loud (technically to my 6yo, though I make sure its when everyone else can hear.) and have bought a couple new ones from Amazon.

I think it's working! At least, my 6yo is "getting" the parts of speech, and when my 10yo asked what an adverb was, I handed her the relevant book and she said, "Oh, yeah."

I intend to play the School House Rock Grammar video when it's my turn today (it's a rare rainy day here in Nevada, and several of the kids don't feel well, so the TV is going), and I think it will be the perfect complement to these books.

The ones I have don't go into an awful lot of detail, but the pictures are cute and the rhymes are, uhh, interesting. There appear to be more advanced ones available, though I haven't had a chance to read them yet.

So, at this point, these two resources- Words are Categorical and Grammar Rock- seem the perfect way to introduce grammar to a 6yo while reinforcing what the older kids already know.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

I have had many government school teachers tell me how they use their teaching to preach God to their students.


We should all use every opportunity we can to tell people about Jesus.

But think about it a moment;

Are all government school teachers Christian?

No, of course not. Christians probably aren't even near the majority.

That means most are Atheists, Heathens, and/or Materialists.

What makes anyone think that the Atheists, Heathens, and Materialists are not using their opportunities to preach their "religions" (the religions of self-worship, thing worship, science and government worship [socialism] ) to their students?

To YOUR children in their classrooms?

If the Christian teachers are effective in their efforts to sway students to their religion, so are the non Christian teachers. If they are not effective, if this isn't an effective method of evangelism, then the Christian teachers are wasting their time.

This is why Christian parents should not be sending their children to government schools. Doing so is telling their children to consider other religions, other gods as their own.

"When the education is finished, the student will be just like their teacher." - Jesus

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Life and Homeschool

We live in a mobile home. 

Mobile homes come in different qualities. The expensive ones are pretty much the same as average site-built houses. The cheap ones, however, not so much. Oh, the frames, the buildings themselves,  have had to meet the same HUD standards as a site-built since the 70's, but the insides are made the absolutely cheapest way possible; cupboards are made of pressboard (sawdust and glue), 1x2's, and nearly paper-thin paneling, and are smaller than normal cupboards; plumbing is cheapy plastic, etc. This is great for those who can't afford your average home. 

Ours is one of the cheaper ones, and we are very thankful for it.

But, 27 years (we've owned it for 17) + 9 children + cheap products= well, a mess, sometimes.

Due to pipe leaks (note the cheap plumbing mentioned above), the cupboards throughout the house are not in the best of condition (note the sawdust and glue mentioned above).

So, I asked Hubby a couple days ago if there was any reason I couldn't go buy a couple 2x4's and just set the counter in my bathroom on to those, throwing away the rest of the cupboard. He didn't see why not, but on the way home from work Monday he saw a real nice looking bathroom vanity (professional word for the cupboards under the bathroom sink) sitting by the side of the road with a free sign on it. So, yesterday morning the kids and I went to look at it and brought it home. Though it's actually older than my original one (we talked to the previous owner) it is made of real wood, 2x4's instead of 1x2's, and the paneling it does have is 4x's as thick as what was on our old one. Obviously and expensive unit, even if it is dated.

We brought it home, and after doing only half a day's school, I couldn't resist any longer. We took the old one out (pretty much shattered as we did), sealed up the mouse holes behind it, and installed the new one. Two of my adult boys did the majority of the work (the third was at work).

So, what with all the going to get the tools they needed and taking things out of their way, and so on, I walked a lot yesterday :-) 9503 recorded steps yesterday. Yeah!

Though I always try to make school work a priority, life is school and school is life. Sometimes there are things that really are more important than math and spelling. 

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Friday, April 20, 2018

Putting together a study... when you have no money.

I think we've all had those times. Unfortunately the true "city library" is all the way in town. Now, we do have a "library" in our community, but it is in the government school (city planners saving money, no doubt) Ummm, I'm not taking my homeschooled kids onto a government school campus during school hours, thank you very much. (and the size of the building leads me to believe I have more resources in my house anyway.)

So, I've never done it quite this completely, but you can homeschool your child with just what you find in your library.

I am now doing my planning child by child at their birthdays. For those things we do together, I'm still working it all out over the Christmas break. But for them individually, just focusing on one kid at a time is really working. It lets me see what they really need without being distracted by what others are needing.

Yes, I am Anti Government Schools

An interesting article on Govenment schools being pagan and homeschooling being the solution. 

And they are in so many ways. We have trouble imagining anything but government schools, but really, they are a fairly new thing, especially in this country. and they were designed and and are controlled by socialistic Atheists. Why do we expect our kids to turn out as anything else whne that is exactly what the system is founded on?

Why Public Schools will never get better EXACTLY!
I try to steer clear too, often, but maybe we shouldn't. Maybe it's time we stood up and told other Christians, "It's time to quit doing the same things we've been doing for decades. It's not working and never has."

Ray Moore: Christian Parents Should Get Kids Out of Public Schools

Friday, March 9, 2018

History of Government Schools, a book report

I have finished reading John Taylor Gatto's "The Underground History of American Education," "Weapons of Mass Instruction," and "Dumbing Us Down." and taken time to digest what I've read. I highly recommend these books to anyone with children, grandchildren, interest in education, or if you simply want to know why your education was what it was.

Mr. Gatto is a 30 year veteran of the New York Public School system, teaching in both the best and the worst schools in America. He won Teacher of the Year twice.

When he began teaching, he began studying the history of our educational system, tracing his way back to original documents and quotes. This is what he found out (with some other research I have done along the way):

Everyone who got off the Mayflower in 1621, except very small children, was literate. Before they ever left the boat, they wrote a governing document called "The Mayflower Compact." One law in this document was that every parent would educate their children to be able to read the Bible (Geneva version) and have an occupation. If they didn't they would be charged a heavy fine and lose custody of their kids. This was a harsher sentence than if they beat their kid!

Thomas Paine's "Common Sense," a little booklet that detailed why we should break from England, written some 150 years later, sold 120,000 copies in the colonies totaling 2,500,000 people, or about 1 copy for every 21 people. With an average family size of 7, that's 1 for every 3 households.

The US census recorded a literacy rate of 98% (when you exclude slaves, who it was illegal to educate) in all the years from the first census until the late 1800's. Since England had a rate of 60% at this time, and Germany 50%, this was phenomenal!

Alex De Tocqueville came to America in the early 1800's just to see how in the world we achieved this. He said he could not find 2 people in 1000 who could not read (the King James Bible), and even the lowest workers could figure compound interest in their head. Every house had a Bible and a Euclid's Geometry (in a time with either one would cost a month's salary). (And he concluded that the way we got this level was because our women believed their job as Home Makers/Teachers of their children was the most important in the world).

Noah Webster wrote his "Blue Back Speller" in 1824 so American children would have a book to learn to read with that did not have kings, dukes, and lords in it. He sold 15 million copies by 1837. That's 10,866,020 free people, or more than a copy per person. In a time with no government text book buying, at that. This was mom's and dad's putting their own hands in their own pockets to buy these books whose only purpose was to teach children to read. (I use a revised/updated version to teach my kids to read)

Then we meet Mr. Horace Mann. Mr. Mann was an atheist. His parents were extremely poor, so like the children of other poor people, he was actually educated in a "charity school," a school ran by a church for the purpose of educating children whose parents couldn't do it for whatever reason.

Mr. Mann resented this Christian education and determined it would never happen to another child. He got financial backing from Rockefeller, Carnegie, Hunt, Morgan, Penny and other names that are often mentioned with these, to go to Europe to "pick an education system to teach our illiterate population with." (Now, remember, according to the US census, the only true illiterates in the US were slaves, and it was illegal to educate them.) Can we mention that all these men were atheistic socialists (who believed themselves more "evolved" than others, proven by their wealth) and were having trouble getting enough people to leave the independence of their farms to work in factories?

Mr Mann and his wife toured Europe and wrote glowing letters back to America of Germany's educational system (now, remember, England had a higher literacy rate, and America had the highest of all at this time). "Every teacher I saw was smiling! And we did not see 1 unhappy child the whole time we were there!"

(When asked in personal correspondence about this statement his wife wrote, "Yes, he's right. It was summer vacation and all the teachers were lounging on the beach, so they were very happy. And we didn't see one unhappy child because we didn't see any children at all.")

The German system had been formed to produce the best merchant marines in the world (Germany's national industry at the time.) They intentionally did not want the masses literate because literate people are thinking people, and thinking people are too hard to control, don't march in unison. A few select were given superior educations in order to produce competent officers, but the rest were drilled in obedience to human authority. It was this system that produced, (80 years later) a population that did whatever Hitler told them to without question.

This is the system that was imported to America with the first law passed (by the financial incentive of the above named rich) in 1853 in Massachusetts.

It was NOT popular.

Parents refused to send their children to school because they understood this to be a religious grab for their authority, an attempt to re-enslave us to "the elite." When truant officers were sent to enforce the law, the parents fought back...with guns!

Then the Civil War happened.

As part of the punishment to the South, the Northern politicians forced compulsory attendance laws on them with no exceptions, and sent Northern-taught teachers to do the work of teaching. The South responded by using whatever means they could to keep their kids out of school (Northern Indoctrination Centers). This eventually morphed into an anti-education attitude, instead of just an anti-school attitude.

Up until this time, the churches had held out against this atheistic conversion effort. But this is when the Irish Potato Famine happened. Suddenly all those church leaders became alarmed at the number of Irish Catholics flooding into the country. Instead of working to convert the parents, they cut a deal with the atheists to use protestant scriptures and hymns in the government run schools and forced the catholic children into them. The immigrant parents (often illiterate themselves, since Ireland had almost no literacy at this time) simply couldn't fight back.

The Church cut a deal with the devil to deprive parents of their right to raise their own children in order to boost their church numbers without actually having to deal with those "dirty Irish." They sent their protestant kids to school, too, as part of the deal.

Because there were no longer children at home to teach, the women didn't have enough work to do. Coupled with this European (well into atheism by this time) education, they decided to revolt. Thus we get the 1st Feminist Revolution (early 1900's).

History tells us literacy levels began falling as the government took over schooling.
The military has been constantly lowering the academic levels of their entry test.
The SAT and ACT tests to get into college have to revised to be lowered every few years.
TV and newspapers are using increasingly lower literacy levels and vocabularies.

Oh this is all happening very slowly, so it's almost unnoticeable. The only really noticeable drop was after the introduction of Look-Say reading. This method pretty much wiped out literacy in the US (though our official level is 85%, that's actually 85% of high school graduates. True functional literacy is around 50%, with real literacy much lower).

And since the 2nd feminist revolution occurred  with the first generation subjected to this method of reading, I think we can easily link these 2. Women felt empty and unimportant, bored, and since they couldn't think (because reading stimulates that muscle and they couldn't read) they were easily manipulated into believing being home was evil (instead of getting mad that their valuable work was taken from them). This left the children to be raised even from birth by government indoctrinated workers instead of loving parents.

So how do we fix our broken schools? We don't. They aren't broken. This is exactly how they were designed to function. They produce a population with just enough literacy to be useful to the rich, but not enough to actually be able to think, who are easily swayed by the media to 1) Consume mindlessly, and 2) obey human authority, changing their opinions as instructed.

The only way to fix our country is to take our children out of government schools and control their education ourselves. Whether this is through private schools or homeschools, we must understand that our mission is NOT to copy the government schools, but to teach thinking, morals, and God.
By the way, when Mr. Gatto finally came to this same conclusion, he quit his job as a teacher. Today he is one of the biggest anti-government school/pro private/homeschool advocates there is.